Aeroplan Member Profile: Joannie Rochette

Canadian sweetheart, Joannie Rochette, captured us all when she skated her heart out at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. As a professional figure skater, Joannie has traveled the world earning Aeroplan Miles every step of the way.  As a longtime member of the Aeroplan Program, we wanted to see what Joannie has been up to since the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, we sat down with her in Montreal.

Aeroplan: What have you been up to since the 2010 Vancouver Olympics?
Joannie Rochette: I’m definitely traveling more than ever, if I compare it by each year, I’ve earned many more miles since the 2010 Olympics with competitions and so many shows. I compete each year at the Japan Open as well as Stars on Ice which we tour in US and in Canada.  We’re also taking stars on Ice to Korea in June.  

It’s a long working season, but I get the summers off and I’m able to stay at home in Montreal and enjoy the summer. It’s great that I’m traveling in the winter because I get to escape the Montreal snow storms.

I’ve also been working with Birks and designed a heart shaped pendant in support of the “iheartmom” campaign in memory of my mother. The sales of the pendant help raise awareness of heart disease and raise funds for research and treatment.


Aeroplan: How often do you travel in a year?
Joannie Rochette: I travel an average of over 110,000 miles every year. Usually I travel to Asia over 5 times a year, travel around Canada for Stars on Ice and a little of Europe. It’s primarily Asia though.

Aeroplan: Can you share any memorable travel stories with us?
Joannie Rochette: There are a few actually.  I don’t know what it is about flying, but every time I watch an inflight movie, I cry.  There was this one movie, I forget the name, but this man is turning into a dog throughout the movie. There were a bunch of skaters on that flight watching the same movie and everyone was laughing at me.

The other thing I love about traveling, is because I always fly Air Canada. There was this one time I was making a connection in Germany and I was completely jet lagged so I took a nap in the lounge. I woke up 3 hours after my flight was scheduled to leave and Air Canada helped me get on the next flight. It was Christmas Eve so I really wanted to get home. 

There was also a time where one of the Super Elite benefits really came in handy. I was late getting to the airport, so I called the concierge number letting them know that I might miss the flight. It was the first time in 4 years I’ve used that service. When I got to the airport, the concierge was waiting for me at the gate with my boarding pass. I really love Air Canada service and the Aeroplan benefits.


Aeroplan: What do you do with all your accumulated Aeroplan Miles?
Joannie Rochette: I use my miles to fly my friends and family to competitions, I used my Aeroplan Miles to fly my parents to the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. I’ve redeemed them for my boyfriend or if we want to go on a vacation.  It really depends, but it’s primarily used for my family.

I’ve never used my miles for Aeroplan’s Merchandise Rewards, a few of my friends have, I know there are some really great things in that catalog like a high end coffee machine.  Maybe I’ll have to look into that.

Aeroplan:  Tell us about your most favourite city in the world, and why it’s your favourite.
Joannie Rochette: It’s hard to have just one favourite city, it all depends on what you want. I went to Saint Lucia, and I really loved it, it was the first vacation I ever took. We go to Japan usually for 2 weeks in January and sometimes we go in April, which I prefer because the cherry blossoms are up, and I like it there because it’s easy to get around with public transit.  I love the shopping there and the food. They even have a Cat Café. It’s a café were you go have tea or coffee and there are all these cats walking around. I’m a big cat fan, so I had to go to the cat café in Tokyo.

Ultimately though, my favourite place is home, and if I could go a month without traveling, that would be a great month.

Where is the one place you’ve always wanted to travel to?
Joannie Rochette: The world is so big and every time I pick up an enRoute magazine there are always these ads to these great destinations. I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled to every continent except for Africa.

We usually travel to countries that are really cold and have lots of snow like Russia or Scandinavia. The summer athletes get to go to all these warm countries.  I’ve been to a few places that they get to travel to, but I’d love to visit Tahiti, Maldives, Bora Bora or Bali.  My boyfriend and I were supposed to go to Bali this year, but unfortunately it didn’t work out this time.  It would definitely be my dream vacation to go to Bali.

Aeroplan: We recently asked our fans on Facebook and our followers on Twitter, what is the one thing they would bring with them on a trip, what’s your essential item to travel with?
Joannie Rochette: In my carry on, if I’m traveling to Asia, I’ll bring another set of clothes, face wipes to clean my face throughout the flight, and sometimes I’ll bring a book of the other country’s languages to learn more words in that particular country’s language.  I don’t really bring anything out of the ordinary while traveling.  

 We thank Joannie for taking the time to sit with us. To learn more about Joannie, please visit her website. 

 To learn more about Joannie’s collection at Birks, and Aeroplan Partner, click here. 

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