Falling in Love with Poland – Aeroplan Member Story


Fabio has been an Aeroplan Member since 1997.  With a passion for music and flying, he has traveled to many countries, but only one country has found a special place in his heart, Poland.  Here is more about Fabio, his passions and his story:

Since I can remember, music was part of my life. The first time I was able to play Chopin’s music, I felt connection deep in my heart with his melody and harmony. My second love was flying. Since the very first flight I took, long ago (DC9 airplane), I was always super happy to be high above clouds, on the wings of an airplane. Two passions merged together during my youth when I was traveling and playing Chopin’s music all over the Europe.  At times, and sometimes daily, I was traveling and in by plane. I knew all the various aircraft; I knew their power, capacity, range, and also the time-table. My passion was admired by my friends who were always around me to support me and my music.


The first time I went to Poland, Chopin’s birth place, it was 1985. Poland was then a very different place, still under the grey Eastern European “blanket”. Even during that time, Warsaw was able to enter my heart and permanently find a place for itself. I went to international piano competition which has existed since 1927, to listen and be part of the event. The place was way too small for all of us music lovers. I remember that there were more people sitting on the floor, and standing around the hall, then actually sitting on chairs. One by one, pianists were performing and we were listening and applauding. Every day, there were 2 and sometimes 3 competitions. The sad moments were in the afternoon, just before the start of evening concert, when they were announcing who left, and who is staying. Tears of sadness and tears of  joy were shared at the entrance every day. From more than eighty contestants there were gradually becoming smaller groups, and then 3, 2 and one.


I remember one night, after more than ten hours of listening piano music, I went to the hotel. It was raining hard, but I didn’t mind it at all, because of the music was still playing in my soul.

Then, while walking thru wet streets of Warsaw, I made a decision to try and do everything possible to come back to that city, and to be able to watch another competition in 5 years.


Life brought me back to Warsaw numerous times after that, and I was part of another 2 competitions. Then, suddenly, my life has changed and I moved to Poland, to Warsaw where I spent 451 day, before I received my permanent residence in Canada. I learned the language, met many friends that I’m still in contact with today, and enjoyed culture and music of this beautiful country.

In Canada I have become a flight attendant. I still play Chopin’s music and give charity concerts as much as I can. My two dreams have been fulfilled, music and flying.

Aeroplan has helped me to discover some hidden places around the world, is has helped me to bring my mother to Canada to visit, and will help me as I am plan to use my miles to go back to beautiful Warsaw in 2015 to once again be part of international piano festival.

With Chopin’s prelude in e-minor that I am playing, I say thank you Aeroplan.



3 Responses to “Falling in Love with Poland – Aeroplan Member Story”

  1. peter kiddell August 17, 2013 at 11:51 am #

    how come i can’t find anywhere on aeroplan to send an email complaint?
    i want to complain about your contact centre.

  2. Lori July 16, 2013 at 8:55 am #

    I have tried to contact 800-361-5373 for 3 days to talk to a representative who knows how to help combine individual accounts for our company and I will be the point person to interface with Aeroplan.
    Guess what, after endless waiting on the phone, spoke to several agents, transferred from one to another, no success yet!!
    Anyone knows how to get this going????
    Thank you kindly in advance!!

    • Aeroplan July 30, 2013 at 8:47 am #

      Hi Lori,
      Our contact centre would be the best place for you to contact. I’m sorry to hear about your experience, however you will need to call us at 800-361-5373.
      Thank you,