How Aeroplan Makes Milestones Extra Special

Guy has been an Aeroplan Member for many years. When Guy and his wife, also referred to as his bride, started a tradition of celebrating each 5 year Wedding Anniversary as milestones, we had no idea Aeroplan would play such a special part.

Guy tells us more about his bride, his wedding anniversary and how Aeroplan helped makes these celebrations extra special.

“In 2001, my bride, Donna, and I started a Wedding Anniversary tradition.  Every 5 years we’d take a fabulous vacation, this started on our 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration with trip to France. We began with a month in France, starting with a week at Chateau Drouilles, a cooking school in a seventeenth century chateau in Blond, followed by 3 weeks of bed and breakfast stays throughout Southern France. This vacation began 9 days after 9/11 attack in NYC and tensions were high as we flew through Charles de Gaulle, but our memories are of great food, and romantic locations and perhaps some wine. A highlight was a visit to the church where my many-times great grandparents were married in 1539 which is still an active facility.

 While our 25th was related to my French heritage, our 30th was a search through my wife’s homeland of Ireland. We found the church where her grandfather was baptized in Cavan, then we made the counter-clockwise circle of this great island in lovely bed and breakfast inns, with a highlight of staying in a 600 year old castle coach house near Ennis.

As we made plans for our 35th, we had a chance to spend 3 weeks in China, mostly in Shanghai and Guangzhou…with a memorable day in Tong-Li, a 1000 year old water village. 

For our 35th Anniversary, we fulfilled my bride’s lifelong dream to see St. Petersburg, Russia, with 3 days there as part of a 14 day cruise. The pictures are of the two great cathedrals, exterior of the Church on Spilled Blood, and inside the dome of St. Isaac’s. On the last day of the cruise, in Stockholm, we renewed our vows with the ship’s crew.

The common element of each of these great vacations has been the ability to fly in Air Canada’s Executive First cabin using my Aeroplan Miles.  My miles have allowed us to travel in relaxed, even pampered style, arriving safely and refreshed at our destination and home at the end, all while saving considerable amounts of money that we use to enhance the trip once we land.

The ability to travel so comfortably to these holidays, and home at the end makes them extra special.

We are starting to plan our 40th Anniversary for 2016 (Australia or New Zealand), but in between, we have many other trips planned including cruise around Italy in 2013. Our Aeroplan seats are already booked!”

Thank you Guy for sharing your Aeroplan Story with us! We wish you and your bride a fantastic trip to Italy in 2013.


2 Responses to “How Aeroplan Makes Milestones Extra Special”

  1. Ping Yuan January 5, 2013 at 6:59 am #

    I’m a aeroplan member. I tried to use my aeroplan points to convert two return tickets between Beijing and Singapore this afternoon. When I finished my final step with inputs of every details, including my credit card information (as required for the airport related fees CAD61.30), the page failed and I was told that due to some technical problem the transaction was unable to complete. However, my credit card bank informed me that the CAD61.30 has been deducted from my account. And even worst is I received another notice one hour later that another CAD61.30 was deducted again!

    i tried hard but couldn’t find anywhere on the aeroplan website that I could get in touch with.

    So far I don’t know whether my booking is successful or not. And I am confronted with the risk that I spent CAD61.30 twice for nothing.

    This is really frustrating!

    I leave my email box on the top. Hope the blogs are monitored on daily basis and someone at your organization can contact me as soon as possible!

    • Aeroplan January 7, 2013 at 12:57 pm #

      Hi Ping Yuan,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. Please give our contact center a call so that one of our agents can look into this with you, they can be reached at 1-800-361-5373.
      Thanks and have a great day,