Memories of England

Aeroplan Member Debbie and her husband recently travelled to England. We were thrilled to have them share with us their travel stories and all they experienced while traveling through the United Kingdom.

Here is more about Debbie’s Trip:

 Our flight from Vancouver was wonderful as we were able to travel first class on Air Canada which made it very comfortable.  We joined up with our travel companions at the London Heathrow Airport and then settled in our Godalming house soon after.  Godalming is a small town with pubs dating back as far as 1800.

Our trip was full of sights and experiences. We were able to visit so many great and historic places like the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, The Natural Science Museum, and the Tour on the Thames. We were able to do lots of shopping, a city tour, and we were able to sneak in some time to see the play Wicked. Our visit to Stonehenge was great as it was a quiet day only less than 100 people that day.

My personal favourite stop on our trip was the town of Bath. Not only is Bath a charming place and there is something for everyone. My husband was not happy with the narrow roads for driving so we mostly took the trains and buses when trying to get around. The history, the setting and the shopping makes it an absolute treasure. 


My best memory was of the people and being with family. Everyone has been helpful and extremely kind.  They seemed to go out of their way to help us.  We had an elderly lady, whom we met walking down the street, say she would have us over for tea, and a sweet red headed lass in a pub in Edinburgh helped us find a good meal and a cold drink.


Having the chance to see family and visiting things together was a great memory that I will remember forever. We had a lot of laughs and a lot of tears, thank you Aeroplan!

Visiting my husband’s home town where he grew up and where he acquired a passion for steam trains was also very special.  Although he left England when he was 13, he has never forgotten and always remembered the passion and excitement of seeing a steam train coming into a station.  I loved seeing him happy at all the trains we saw.

It was a great vacation with so many great times and a lifetime of memories that we will cherish forever.



3 Responses to “Memories of England”

  1. Denis October 12, 2013 at 7:27 pm #

    I find aeroplan useless when it comes to travel to Europe. It does not make sense to pay a $500-600 “Fuel Surchage” fee to get there…when the fuel surcharge is less than $200 to go to Sydney Australia. How do you justify the fee being 3 times what it is to go to Australia while the flight is only 8 hours compared to 20? You’re better off buying a ticket than using your points to go to Europe – that would be the worst use of it.

    I’m going to the Avion card and I am encouraging all my friends to do so.

  2. Doreen Hounsell August 13, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    Having a Major problem trying to book a one-way from St. John’s, NL to Edmonton, AB for Monday 19 August….over 120,000 Aeroplan points to fly there one way!!!!!!

    Come on Aeroplan you can do better than that….if your want customers, you had better treat us better than that!!

    What happened to 17,000 points for a one-way/?

    Nobody is going to stay with Aeroplan with this treatment….

    • Aeroplan September 23, 2013 at 11:19 am #

      Hi Doreen
      Have you tried calling us at 800-361-5373? One of our agents would be happy to help you!
      Thank you