Ray Zahab Successfully Completed the Atacama Extreme Expedition

It seems like only yesterday that we were introducing you to Aeroplan Member Ray Zahab. After a grueling 20 days and 1145KM, Ray successfully completed his run through the Atacama Desert in Chile.  At some points it seemed as though Ray may not complete the challenge, however despite the blisters, injuries and added distance, nothing stopped Ray and his team from reaching their destination.

“That hardest times sometimes yield the most beautiful things.” – Ray Zahab

A little message from Ray:

“First of all, thank you, absolutely from the bottom of both of our hearts and from the whole i2P team, to everyone that followed along with this expedition.  Just knowing that you guys are out there following us…, that energy helps us to get through these things.”

If you haven’t had a chance to see some of the Atacama videos, I invite you to visit them here. To learn more about impossible2Possible and how you can help empower young people to take challenges head on, go here.

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