Flying Around the World with Aeroplan Member, DJ Max Graham

Born in London, England, Max Graham was destined to be a world traveler. By the age of 17, he had lived in 4 different countries. In 2001, his DJ career took off internationally and so did he. With an average of 150,000 miles traveled per year, you’d be surprised as to how this globe trotting DJ uses his Aeroplan Miles.

We caught up with Max Graham in Montreal.

Aeroplan: How often do you travel in a year?

Max Graham: The average is about 150,000 miles with Star Alliance with the most ever being 266,000 miles in 2003.

Aeroplan: What kind of places are you traveling too?

Max Graham: We travel to a lot of out-of-the-way places. I’ve ended up performing in places that require three or four flights. Lovely places like Cebu in the Philippines and small cities in Eastern Europe. To go to Skopje for example would be a flight Montreal- London-Thessaloniki (sometimes through Athens depending on schedule) then a three hour drive to Skopje in Macedonia. Skopje didn’t have a lot of flight options then so it was a trek but well worth it as it’s an amazing part of the world.

Aeroplan: Where was your last flight to and where are you going next?

Max Graham: I actually just landed from St Louis, and in the next month I will visit Edmonton, Atlanta, Buenos Aries, Taipei in Taiwan, Leeds in the UK and Bangalore in India.

Aeroplan: Seeing as you are traveling for long periods of time, what keeps you entertained for the duration for the flight?

Max Graham: I plan my trip carefully; I don’t watch TV at home so I save up my favourite shows to watch either on the laptop or iPhone. I try to bring a book also to balance out the technology. I actually look forward to some time not connected to the world and in flight is the best for that. I spend a lot of time staring out the window also, I still marvel at the concept of doing 500 miles an hour 7 miles above the earth.

What do you do with all your accumulated Aeroplan Miles?

Max Graham: It’s funny everyone always talks about how many miles they have accumulated. I’ve flown over a million Status Miles with Air Canada alone and my account only has around 20,000 miles in it at the moment. That’s because I’m constantly using miles to take people with me both for them to have a good time and for me not be bored. Traveling can be lonely and it’s great when you’re going somewhere fun to take friends! I do love traveling alone but once in a while it’s really fun to have friends with you. When I’m not performing, I don’t really want to travel so I don’t see the need to hoard miles!

Aeroplan: I have to ask, as someone who has been around the world as much as you have, what is your favourite city in the world? Why?

Max Graham
: Oh that’s a tough one because there are different ones for different reasons. I love Istanbul for the history and the old parts of the city. Tokyo for its sheer madness and energy, not to mention the food, sushi in the harbour at 5am was incredible. I love Buenos Aires for the club scene and the energy people have for dance music culture. I really truly love Montreal though, I could live anywhere and do what I do but this city is the one I want to live in. Culture, food, history and proximity to the rest of the world (right between LA and London basically), Montreal is home for me!

Thanks to Max Graham for taking the time to speak to us! As he said so eloquently, he’s either on a plane or in the studio!  Recently, Max Graham  flew around the world in 100 hours including stops in Taiwan and India.  This video highlights his view into the world of travel with some long flights, gigs and great food!

Max Graham’s latest album: Max Graham Presents Cycles 2 is in stores now! Visit his website here.

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