Day 6 in Nairobi – Full of Emotion, Fun, Laughter and Sharing

The latest update by Claudia: Today was another day filled with emotion, fun, laughter and sharing.  Sara and Persis gave an incredible lesson to the older girls on how to create a powerpoint presentation.  The girls took lots of notes and then we had time to practice what we’d all been taught.  5 groups of girls created a powerpoint about a topic associated to Safe Spaces – they will be presented by the teams tomorrow – i can’t wait to see how creative they are! After lunch at Safe Dishes (just down the road and across the street) we all returned to Safe Spaces to begin our home visits to some of the mothers in the slums of K.South. Our walks back from lunch are a very special time for me – todayFlorenceand I linked arm and arm, laughed & shared stories of our lives as we walked in the hot sun on a dusty dirt road inAfrica. Today – like every day – we are just two women, two women with the same questions, concerns and worries – two women looking to one another for advice & support and friendship.

Mama Sheila took Sara, Persis, genevieve, Julian and I to 3 homes of mother’s of girls who come to Safe Spaces. They welcomed us into their very tiny homes and shared the story of their lives. We were encouraged to ask any & all questions and provide words of encouragement. It’s hard to convey what we saw – but I came away having noticed several common themes. Each mother understands the importance of education and wants their girls (and boys) to go to school so they can get a good job. Each of these mothers have dreams of owning their own business so they can feed their families – each of these women love their children. Whether they have 2 or 8 – each one is loved unconditionally. They are incredibly strong & resilient and most of all – they know and appreciate all that Safe Spaces is doing for their daughters and encourage them to stay with Safe Spaces.

We wound down the afternoon by picking kale & spinach from the Safe Spaces garden – going to the local food market to choose our live chickens for dinner and ultimately proceeded to watch them be slaughtered. That was quite the experience – knowing that george – the chicken would be boiling in a pot atNish’s in an hour. (I didn’t eat George – as Persis said I can’t eat something that I’ve named). About 12 of us feasted on ungali (maize), sumawiki(kale), katchumbari (Kenyan salsa), beef, beans and George. accompanied by a delicious bottle of Tusker biridi. all lovingly cooked for is by the girls, mama sheila andNish. We are all safe in our respective beds, packing our bags as tomorrow (or today when you all read this) is our final day. I can garantee there will be tears abound.

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  1. Irene Morden May 20, 2012 at 10:22 pm #

    The people we met in Nairobi have left their mark on my heart, and in my life. I’m sure you’ll come away with the same feelings.

  2. kerry October 28, 2011 at 11:33 am #

    Persis is my beautiful wife and an excellent mother to my kids. I know that the experiences you guys are having in Africa will have a positive impact on many lives and I am very proud. This is a wonderful adventure full of smiling faces. Persis you have a heart of gold. I love you

  3. Holly October 27, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    Hello Persis and your wonderful friends.

    I’m Persis’ mother-in-law, and I just want to say how proud I am of Persis, and grateful to all of you for being involved in such a wonderful initiative. Reading about your experiences everyday and the wonderful work that you are supporting is very moving. I agree with the comments of others — you will never forget these experiences, nor will the wonderful people you have met and worked with. You have touched eachother’s lives in ways that will ripple out in the future like waves on a lake.

    Bless all of you and the lovely men, women and children that you have met. Love, Holly

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