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Travelling with JJ Thompson

We recently began working with Aeroplan member, travel enthusiast and professional photographer JJ Thompson. To help introduce him to our member community, we sat down for a 1:1 to get to know him better. 1) JJ, we are super excited to be working with you! Can you tell our Aeroplan members a bit about yourself? […]

Aeroplan – Warren Takimoto & Christopher Lavoie

Aeroplan Members returning from their Mediterranean and Italian Trip closer than Ever

When Warren and his boyfriend Kristopher went to Italy and Greece, they’d been planning their trip for months. Little did Warren know that part of his boyfriend’s plans was to propose to him in Fira, Santorini. They went to the Mediterranean together, and they returned closer than ever. Where you travelled: We visited Santorini, Greece, […]

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Jonathan Torrens spreads holiday cheer with Aeroplan Miles

You may have heard that a little bit of Canadian holiday magic happened recently when comedian and television star, Jonathan Torrens (Jonovision, Trailer Park Boys, Mr. D) offered to fly East Coasters home for the holidays with his Aeroplan Miles.  We’re honoured to have been included in helping many families reunite over the holidays and […]


It’s All About Tradition

We always love hearing travel stories from our members. Aeroplan Member Pam from Edmonton, Alberta, recently shared her Aeroplan Travel story. It’s all about tradition for Pam and her group of girlfriends.   Here is more about Pam’s Trip: In my group of friends, it has become tradition to go on a holiday when one […]

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Memories of England

Aeroplan Member Debbie and her husband recently travelled to England. We were thrilled to have them share with us their travel stories and all they experienced while traveling through the United Kingdom. Here is more about Debbie’s Trip:  Our flight from Vancouver was wonderful as we were able to travel first class on Air Canada […]