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CityGuide: Montreal

Things to do in Montreal Updated: April 2015 Anchored by its central mountain (Mont Royal), Canada’s island city is a harmonious dichotomy of English and French, past and future. Dotted with church steeples and wrought-iron balconies, the colourful landscape is home to one of the hottest arts scenes in the country, with international events like […]


CityGuide: Halifax

Things to do in Halifax Updated April 2014 Halifax combines the lived-in feel of a small, historic city with the excitement of an oceanside playground where anything can happen. Thanks to its deep natural harbour, Halifax has been a busy trading post for hundreds of years, and visitors flock to “Hali” for the fun nightlife, […]

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CityGuide: Los Angeles

Things to do in LA Updated April 2014 Viewed from the Getty Center — one of its many architectural landmarks — Los Angeles is big, beautiful and complex. It sprawls from the Pacific Ocean to the San Gabriel Mountains and is home to 10 million people — many of them actors, artists, writers, filmmakers and […]

Stanley Park

CityGuide: Vancouver

Things to do in Vancouver Updated March 2014 Olympic host, coastal jewel: the city of Vancouver has many faces. For the savvy traveller, its pleasures are more than skin deep. Knowing where to look can reveal a 100-year-old forest park with a secret suspension bridge; a hotbed of high fashion where designers come to make […]

The Louvre

CityGuide: Paris

Things to do in Paris Updated February 2014 Everyone loves Paris in the springtime. But the City of Lights is just right any time of year. In autumn, the outdoor cafés are packed with people who need a little warm-up or pick-me-up. Come winter, folks sneak into a bistro for a bowl of soupe de poisson, […]

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