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CityGuide: New York City

Things to do in New York City Updated February 2014 New York City is a fusion of top-tier sophistication and street-level indie cred. It’s home to over eight million residents, and another 40 million visitors stream in each year. But savvy travellers bypass the tourist traps to explore back alleys that were home to the […]

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CityGuide: London

Things to do in London Updated January 2014 From the East End’s edgy and arty streets, to the chic shopping meccas of Knightsbridge or Chelsea, a short tube ride in London can literally take you from one world to another. City-breakers keen to avoid the usual tacky tourist traps can easily get to grips with […]


CityGuide: Maui

Updated January 2016 Maui is a fantastic place to visit at almost any time of year.  As Hawaii’s second largest island, it’s home to beautiful beaches, world class restaurants and fantastic shopping. Lahaina and Ka’anapali are just some of the places that you must see while on the island of Maui. It’s one of the few […]

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CityGuide: Chicago

Things to do in Chicago: As Voted by our Aeroplan Members Updated October 2014 Chicago is a city that begs to be explored on foot, with detailed brickwork and artful signage, and new discoveries at every corner. Between Chicago’s famous central attractions (Millennium Park, the Loop) and its historic suburbs is a city still roaring with […]


CityGuide: Boston

Things to do in Boston:As Voted by our Aeroplan Members Updated October 2013 The history of America’s independence is woven into the fabric of present-day Boston. The John Hancock Center towers harmoniously over the grave of John Hancock, and you can down a pint of Sam Adams within a few yards of Faneuil Hall, where […]