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Miles Matching Days – December 12: Schools Without Borders

Aeroplan’s Mile Matching Days are back for 2013. Aeroplan will match each mile donated, up to 500,000 Aeroplan Miles, for each of our founding charitable partners. On December 12th, Aeroplan is matching miles donated to Schools Without Borders (SWB) to help fuel the most innovative learning initiatives around the world.   SWB is an award-winning […]

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A Special Blog from Julian at SWB

Julian, Co-founder of Schools Without Borders (SWB), was a host and facilitator to the trip.  Here his blog regarding the entire experience. WE are the CHANGE! How do we identify and recognize change? We feel it within ourselves. It churns up emotion. It makes our hearts race. It challenges us to question everything we thought […]

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End of the Trip – Farewell to our New Rafikis (Friends)

Final Blog post from genevieve: Yesterday, we said farewell to our new rafikis (friends) in the slums of Nairobi… What an extraordinary circumstance: four Canadian women, all professionals, all middle-class with upward mobility, befriending, and being befriended by, 13 girls and women from the slums of Nairobi. You have seen some of our pictures of […]

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Day 7 In Nairobi – Saying Goodbye.

Update from genevieve on day 7 in Nairobi: Today promised to be a beautiful but difficut day. And it was. Beautiful because we would be spending the day with our friends from Safe Spaces doing yoga, working on presentations skills and debriefing about our time together under a radiant blue sky. Difficult because we would be […]

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Day 6 in Nairobi – Full of Emotion, Fun, Laughter and Sharing

The latest update by Claudia: Today was another day filled with emotion, fun, laughter and sharing.  Sara and Persis gave an incredible lesson to the older girls on how to create a powerpoint presentation.  The girls took lots of notes and then we had time to practice what we’d all been taught.  5 groups of […]