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Day 5 in Nairobi – Part 2 – Mini Martha Stewarts

The latest update from Claudia on Day 5:  After the amazing Safari experience off we went to Nish’s to begin our Baking Session.  Persis, Julian and I arrived and set up all the ingredients in the kitchen and shortly thereafter the girls arrived.  I brought the measuring cups and spoons and Mamou and Maureen grated […]


Day 5 – Lions, Giraffes & Basketballers in Training – Oh My!

Day 5 in Nairobi – the latest update from Sara: Wow – what a fantastic day we had!!! We woke up at the crack of dawn to catch an early morning game drive at the Nairobi National Park.    When I say we got up close and personal with the animals, we got up close […]


Day 4 in Nairobi – With a Special Presentation and Surprise for the Birthday Girl!

The Latest Update from genevieve: Today was a beautiful and inspiring day, full of fun and surprises! On this beautiful, hot Sunday, we spent most of the day at Safe Spaces where a day of games and sports was planned for the 250 to 300 mothers and children the program reaches out to. Before the […]


Day 3 in Nairobi – Mingle, Mingle

Update from Persis in Nairobi: As I sit and write this and reflect on the day that has passed, I think I speak for all of us when I say that today touched us all in a way that we will never forget….. We started off the day at ksouth where we participated in a […]


Day 2 in Nairobi – Mechanics, Zumba and Great Food!

Here is the latest update from genevieve  Habari (greetings in Swahili), “I am change”  is SafeSpaces’ mantra. It’s what the girls are all about: the changes in themselves, the changes they bring to their communities and now, the lasting changes Sara, Persis, Claudia and I are experiencing thanks to them. Through the organic garden they […]