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Finish Line at Tinkerbelle Half Marathon (Disneyland)

Postcard: Teneisha Collins’ Travel Stories

As the host of , Aeroplan’s new vlog series, Teneisha Collins takes your questions to the people behind the program. Who is she? A Montreal-based actor, writer, traveller, and luxury travel concierge. (She’s also getting back into running!) In other words, she’s driven. Here’s what else we learned about her after we sat her down for […]

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Top 8 Barcelona must-dos

Barcelona is one of those destinations that everyone needs to visit at least once. Between the food, architecture, nightlife, beaches, and history, it’s got something for everyone. It can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to plan a vacation in a destination that has so many options, especially when most of us only have so much time […]

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Top Photo Spots in Canada

With the Grange Prize in full swing, we wanted to inspire your inner photographer this fall and help you find some of the best places to take pictures. This year the competing countries for the Grange Prize are United Kingdom and Canada and we are focusing on places in Canada to take pictures.  We all […]

4 unique things to do in San Diego

Though sometimes eclipsed by its bigger and more famous California cousins Los Angeles and San Francisco, San Diego occupies a place all its own in the pantheon of American cities. The third largest city in the Golden State, San Diego is a mere 90 minutes south of Los Angeles and only a half hour from […]


3 great ways to experience Calgary this winter

There’s more to Calgary than just the Stampede (that said, if you’re there in July, it’s all about the Stampede). From its humble “Cowtown” beginnings, Calgary has evolved to become a modern, cosmopolitan city with a diverse population and a vibrancy all its own – though it still embraces and proudly celebrates its Western traditions […]

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