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Miles Matching Days – October 18: Veterinarians without Borders

Help support the health of animals across the world!Miles Matching Days – October 18: Veterinarians without Borders A new Aeroplan Miles Match Day to add in your agenda! Aeroplan will match each mile donated, up to 500,000 Aeroplan Miles, for each Beyond Miles Charitable Partner. On October 18th, we are matching miles donated to Veterinarians without Borders […]

Laos 862

Sa bai dee – Alison’s Final Blog Post in Laos

Sa bai dee or BanSaune! It’s hard to believe that 2 weeks have gone by and that this will be my final blog post. The old expression “time fly’s when you are having fun” has never been truer. The last stop on our journey in Lao required 8hrs of travel on a night bus from […]

Savannakhet (129)

Luis’s Last Veterinarians Without Borders Post from Laos

Bansuan (Hello in the Katang language) This is the end of our journey, off course we are not leaving without sharing the last adventure in Savannaketh and the Katang village. Savannakhet Eco-Guide Unit has requested VSB/VSF Canada to run a project to learn about monkey population and health in the Dong Sa’kee Sacred Forest. VSB/VSF […]


Final VWB Blog Post from Amanda!

BanSuane Everyone! This is hello as the Katan people of Laos would say it. Unfortunately this will be my last update, I feel like I have so much to tell you, and not enough time to write it all because today is was our last day in beautiful LAO PDR. The reason I have learned […]

Laos 439

Back to Vientiane and First Hand Experience with VWB

So far things in Laos have been very fascinating and educational for our group of Employees traveling with Veterinarians without Borders. Today we have updates from all 3 employees! Laos Update from Amanda: Sa Bai Dee! We have arrive safely back to Vientiane and it took a bit of getting used to, seeing as it […]