Four Tips for Earning Aeroplan Miles by Traveling Canucks

Traveling Canucks are Nicole and Cameron from British Columbia.  They are Aeroplan Members and their goal is to travel and share their adventures and stories with their blog readers.

Recently they shared how to earn Aeroplan Miles on their blog and we are excited to share their tips with you.

When they first started to collect miles, they only had the Aeroplan Tangerine card and were accumulating miles from Star Alliance travel and retail store purchases.  Now they have an Aeroplan affiliated credit card and it has helped them earn even more miles.

We now accumulate miles with our CIBC VISA Infinite card, which helps us gain Aeroplan miles much faster. We put everything on our VISA, including bill payments, travel purchases, gas, clothing, beer and grocery shops – everything!

We earn 1 Aeroplan Mile for every $1 charged on our card, with additional earning opportunities at gas, grocery, and drug stores. By using our Aeroplan Visa on virtually every purchase we make, we’ve been able to get at least one free flight per year.

Here are some of their tips to Accumulate Aeroplan Miles quickly:

  1. Double your miles – using an Aeroplan affiliated financial card (CIBC or American Express) you will earn twice the miles on your purchases.
  2. Earn on everyday purchases – purchasing gas at Esso Stations and/or buying groceries at Sobeys or Thrifty Foods will earn you miles. Using tip 1, if you also pay with your CIBC Visa, you earn double the miles. It’s all about making smart choices.
  3. Stay updated – Aeroplan’s web site sometimes offers promotions that let you earn Bonus miles. Do some basic research and stay informed, it will pay off.
  4. Shop Online – Aeroplan Members can earn miles by shopping online with over 100 retailers, such as Apple Store Canada, The Gap, and through the Aeroplan eStore . Members earn at least 1 Aeroplan Mile for every $1 spent.

To read more of their tips, visit their blog 

What are your tips for earning Aeroplan Miles?

Thanks to Traveling Canucks for sharing their earning tips with us.  To read more of Traveling Canucks adventures, please go here:

2 Responses to “Four Tips for Earning Aeroplan Miles by Traveling Canucks”

  1. Ed Weinstein April 27, 2013 at 1:20 am #

    The massive fuel surcharges ($450 to Europe) are a sneaky way to halve the value of our points. Surely after many years of aviation fuel at similar prices we have to conclude they are either incompetent at planning, grabbing our cash, or being dishonest about letting us get airfares solely with points. Time for Aeroplan to give us some mileage alternative to paying fuel surcharges or else direct USD to a Star Alliance carrier that doesn’t charge them!

  2. Hugh October 14, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

    Areoplan is as efficient as Air Canada, any time you call the HELPFUL customer service you are on hold forever, I presently just had to redial areoplan to use a credit I have. After being on hold for 42 minutes I redialed and am up to 6 minutes and counting. The first wait I went through the website looking for a comments section to no avail but I guess if areoplan had such a section it would overflow with customer comments of terrible service. Operators busy dealing with other customers HAHAHA