Masters of Miles

Aeroplan Members Don and Patricia Dangelmaier are pros at earning miles — and sharing the rewards

July 20, 2009

 Retirees Don Dangelmaier and his wife Patricia from Langley, British Columbia, have mastered the art of accumulating Aeroplan Miles over the past 25 years. Here they share their tried-and-true tricks to earning fast, and helping friends along the way.

Don Dangelmaier has mastered the art of earning Aeroplan Miles. PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY DON DANGELMAIER

Every Bit Counts

“[My wife and I] use our Aeroplan-affiliated financial cards for every possible purchase such as groceries or gas. We used to use our debit cards, but since we pay off our credit-card bill at the end of each month, it amounts to the same thing except that we earn Aeroplan Miles. We also try to go to places that offer a little extra in terms of miles. If we want to make a purchase at a hardware store, for example, and one offers miles such as Home Hardware, then we’ll buy it there. We’ll use our cards to make large down payments, too. We just purchased an RV and put a deposit on the card to earn miles.”

Think Of Others

“We primarily use our Aeroplan Miles for flights, as we make a number of trips a year — usually one major trip and two or three shorter ones. When we’re not flying on miles, we’ll try to fly on an Air Canada flight such as Jazz [for short-haul trips]. This fall we’re taking a 12-day cruise to Rome. What we found nice about Aeroplan Miles is the ability to purchase a ticket for somebody else. For our trip to Rome, we’re going with another couple who are also Aeroplan Members. They only had enough miles for one ticket, so I used my miles to purchase a second ticket for them. It’s nice to be able to do this kind of thing for others.”

Don’s Tips

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  1. Sania December 21, 2016 at 7:42 am #

    It’s a great sweet story to hear about going to Rome for the trip and me and my daddy went there and it’s wonderful place to be