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Mar. 24, 2010

To many foodies, Kevin Brauch is better known as the Thirsty Traveler — the name of his globetrotting dining show for Canada’s Food Network. Between that and other programs that have him crossing the globe with his appetite in tow, Brauch is something of an expert on business travel. And as an Aeroplan Member for more than a dozen years, he’s learned how to earn an extra helping of miles.

Aeroplan Member Kevin Brauch.


“I used to bring a lot of work with me on long-haul flights. I would get to the airport in plenty of time so I could use the lounge and get a couple of things done. I always tried to do advanced seat selection and sit where I liked. As Air Canada and others started to upgrade their in-flight services, I started working less and making that time more for me. You’ve really got to embrace the services. I get the magazines from the lounge and bring them on. I try and relax. I don’t do a lot of talking on the plane, but I’m very friendly and sociable with the crew and people around me. If you have a healthy attitude on the plane, your whole trip will go better and be fun.”


“I have the CIBC Aerogold Visa Card, and I’ll hit one of the restaurants where I know I can triple up on the miles. I also do Esso. I have been known every once in a while to save my Quaker cereal boxes and Tropicana orange juice cartons and collect the miles.”


“To Heathrow, Quebec City — and my wife to New York. We used her points for that one, not mine.

“New Yorkers are so friendly and laid-back that you can go out any night of the week and the city is up to something…. I always stay in the Meatpacking District; that’s where the Food Network studios are, the Chelsea Market. They keep me close. For my money there isn’t a better area of the city. You can walk through the West Village, to Greenwich, to Chelsea, Hudson River Park, which is just gorgeous, and the Meatpacking District — that’s what everyone knows and where everyone films these days.”


“I will normally spend miles on the big trips I make with Air Canada, the trips to Europe and Asia. That’s normally my philosophy, the routine pattern for me.

“I won’t redeem them for me, though, I will redeem them for my kids or my wife. I’m an Air Canada Top Tier member, so I’d rather keep on earning status miles and buy my own ticket…. I want to maintain the miles and stay in the upper tier. If I redeem for a free ticket, that’s 9,000 miles that could go toward Super Elite. See, I’m crafty!”

 Kevin’s Tips

  • Browse through Aeroplan Promotions and discover special offers that fit your lifestyle. These offers let you optimize the number of miles you earn.
  • Use an Aeroplan-affiliated financial card to earn miles more than once on the same purchase.
  • Work towards Air Canada Top Tier membership. The more Status Miles you earn — on short-haul status segments or long-haul flights — the closer you get to Top Tier Status, and all the advantages that accompany it.
  • Arrive early to enjoy the airport lounge. Redeem your miles for Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge passes or if you’re already a Top Tier member, simply show your card and your boarding pass.

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