Miles Matching Days – December 12: Schools Without Borders

Aeroplan’s Mile Matching Days are back for 2013. Aeroplan will match each mile donated, up to 500,000 Aeroplan Miles, for each of our founding charitable partners.

On December 12th, Aeroplan is matching miles donated to Schools Without Borders (SWB) to help fuel the most innovative learning initiatives around the world.

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SWB is an award-winning charity that is rethinking the educational paradigm. As a global learning community, SWB works with educators outside of the classroom to support, document and share transformative learning projects. The results: life-changing experiences that build a just, sustainable and thriving world.

Since the launch of Beyond Miles in 2006, SWB has raised an impressive 12 million Aeroplan Miles and fueled over 50 projects, positively impacting 20,000+ people in 30+ countries. The numbers only begin to tell the story.

 Aeroplan’s Beyond Miles program has been a catalyst for prolific young leaders around the world to connect “face-to-face” with one another, get “on-the-ground” to visit each other’s projects firsthand, and “cross-pollinate” some of the most brilliant learning strategies on the planet.

SWB also celebrated its 10 year anniversary this month. In reflecting on the past decade of work, it’s clear what a critical impact the Beyond Miles partnership has had on communities around the world.  Some project examples include:

  1. The documentary film, Within Every Woman, which uncovers the truth about military sexual slavery during World War II in Asia. The victims, now “grandmothers”, have shared their vulnerable stories so that younger generations can learn from their experiences and ensure that similar atrocities can be prevented and avoided in the future.  With an expected release date of Winter 2014, the project has already reached thousands of students across Canada as well political leaders through the United Nations, Canadian Senate and US House of Representatives.
  2. Through the female-led Safe Spaces program in Kenya, a group of young women from Nairobi’s Eastland slums visited a sister organization in Ramotswa, Botswana to learn about their income generating community garden and catering program. They returned home to plant the seeds of these ideas with their own project, and shortly thereafter launched a community garden and restaurant of their own called, Safe Dishes.

SWB’s partnership with Beyond Miles creates opportunities for “outside-the-box” educators to travel, share their stories and plant the seeds of transformative learning with a global community. Together they are able to craft new narratives on learning with young people who otherwise would not have the chance. This is a partnership that amplifies the voices of those on the margins and brings mobility to people with wisdom that will change the world.

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“Aeroplan Miles open up opportunities for folks, who don’t always have the resources, to embark on physical journeys and share their ideas on a global stage. They allow us to break down the boundaries and assumptions we have about the way we do things, by supporting and making way for our movements. Aeroplan Miles allowed me to reimagine the way I can move through the world.”

– Nayani Thiyagarajah, Shadeism, 2013

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