Get up and go: 5 Weekend Getaway Tips

Get up and go: 5 Weekend Getaway Tips


How will you get there?

Think big for your next small vacation. Will you drive or fly? Your mode of transportation doesn’t need to just be a way to get you where you’re going, it can be part of the fun too! Flying means you get to your destination faster, and a car gives you the freedom to stop whenever you please. Think you need a different car or even more room for the trip? Why not rent a car from an Aeroplan partner and earn miles while you make memories.


What will you wear?

Pack light, but have options. Try and choose versatile clothing that matches the varied weather you might get in the fall season, like shoes that work both day and night, or tops with sleeves that can be rolled up if it’s warm and left down when it’s cool. Think layers so you can add or subtract as the temperature or activity dictates.


How many will be on the trip?

Who you’re going with and how many people are in your party may vary your plans. If you’re travelling with another family, you will want to make sure that wherever you go can accommodate you. It’s also important to ensure that everyone has similar expectations for the trip. Make sure everyone is clear about what they want out of the weekend so everyone has a great time. Because your time together is short, if you are all on the same page you’ll waste less time making decisions.


How long and when?

You might want to take a day off from work at the beginning or end of the week to extend the trip, beat the traffic and crowds, and get more vacation time. Also, why not skip the conventional Friday to Sunday schedule and take your trip mid week? If you travel during non-peak times, you can often find deals on transportation and rooms.


What will you do?

Since a weekend getaway by definition is a short trip, you want to get the most from every moment. The best way to achieve this is to plan ahead. Create an itinerary for your trip. Make sure all of the most important points are given enough time, but also leave time to be spontaneous. You never know what types of hidden gems might reveal themselves once you arrive at your destination.


Do you have any tips or tricks for making your weekend getaways extra special? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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