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Indigenous cuisine & Canadian flavours at the Vancouver World Chef Exchange

If there is one thing that diners look forward to each year, it’s the Vancouver World Chef Exchange. The event, created by Tourism Vancouver and which takes place during Dine Out Vancouver Festival, pairs up international and Vancouver chefs alongside one another to take their most celebrated dishes and infuse them with global flavours and […]

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Top 3 Day Trips Around Sydney, Australia

Anyone thinking about visiting Australia is surely considering Sydney as the main hub to experience the best that the country has to offer, with such sights as the stunning Sydney Opera House and the bustling Sydney Harbour. The more rural offerings of the Outback are simply too great to ignore. Get the best of both […]

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06 Honolulu

Travel Picture of the Week – Honolulu, Hawaii

We love this shot of Downtown Honolulu, as seen from the top of Diamond Head State Monument.

Love that view

Seems like Some Like it Hot and Others Love it Cold!

When we asked some of our members if they were taking a hot or cold vacation this winter, the response was practically divided 50/50.  It seems that some of us want to leave the cold and relax on the beach while other embraces what winter hands us. Today we’ll inspire those who are looking for […]


The Aeroplan Picture of the Week – Paris or Las Vegas?

Every few weeks, we’ll be posting inspirational photos from around the globe.  Every photo is captured by our employees or members. This week’s picture may inspire you to travel to two destinations; Paris and all its romance or Las Vegas and its over the top hotels. Let us know where this Eiffel Tower stands, is […]