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Ray Zahab Successfully Completed the Atacama Extreme Expedition

It seems like only yesterday that we were introducing you to Aeroplan Member Ray Zahab. After a grueling 20 days and 1145KM, Ray successfully completed his run through the Atacama Desert in Chile.  At some points it seemed as though Ray may not complete the challenge, however despite the blisters, injuries and added distance, nothing […]


Update: Ray Zahab Running the Atacama Desert in Chile

A couple of weeks ago we introduced you all to Ray Zahab, extreme marathoner and Aeroplan Member.  He began his journey on Sunday January 23rd and has run over 461km in 9 days in Chile’s Atacama dessert. With a bit of a rough start, (being rained on during the evening, very rare for the area) […]


“On the Trail of the Chasquis” with Ray Zahab, Extreme Athlete and Aeroplan Member

Imagine running 7,500 km across the entire Sahara Dessert to raise awareness for clean-water initiatives for Africa, or running across all 13 provinces and territories in 13 days to raise awareness for ONEXONE foundation.  For most of us, even imagining this is difficult.  For Aeroplan Member Ray Zahab, he wouldn’t have it any other way! […]