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5 Unique Things Every Traveler Should Do in Tokyo

5 Unique Things Every Traveler Should Do in Tokyo

Tokyo is a city that offers innumerable unique experiences for visitors. There are so many odd and wonderfully quirky things that seem to materialize out of nowhere. It’s a culture and a place that thrives on the unusual. So let’s look at 5 unique things you can experience in Tokyo.Explore the backstreets and alleysIn just […]


Top 5 Things to do in Tokyo

The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area on the planet, home to about 38 million people. Although most of the 10 million tourists who visit Tokyo every year come in the summer, the best time to visit this city is after the peak summer tourist season, when the temperatures are more bearable, […]


Picture of the Week – Tokyo Prayers

Captured by one of our Aeroplan Employees, these Tokyo praying blocks contain wishes which pray for good health, good academic results and a good career. They can be found all over Japan.