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Places you didn’t know you could earn Aeroplan Miles Flying to: Thailand!

As one of the most popular destination to travel to for Canadians, Thailand offers a bit of everything for every kind of traveler. Things to see and do while in Thailand: Koh Samui: Certainly a place you can not skip while visiting Thailand.  Covered in white sand beaches, some of the best diving and the […]


Picture of the Week – Tokyo Prayers

Captured by one of our Aeroplan Employees, these Tokyo praying blocks contain wishes which pray for good health, good academic results and a good career. They can be found all over Japan.


Top 10 Packing Tips

We recently asked our fans on Twitter  & Facebook what their top packing tips are.  Here are the top 10 packing tips: Roll your clothes instead of folding them Always pack 1 extra pair of underwear Keep your important documents on you and not in your checked luggage Use a packing Application like this one […]


Picture of the Week – San Francisco, The Gardens of Alcatraz

Did you know that Alcatraz, located in the San Francisco Bay, has always had gardens and the families of the prison guards would look after the gardens?  However, after Alcatraz’s closure in 1963, the gardens fell into neglect. Today the gardens have been restored by volunteers and a few city workers.  These gardens are now […]


Picture of the Week – The Streets of Paris

This weeks picture was taken early in the afternoon in the streets of Paris, France by one of our Aeroplan Employees. Inspired by France yet? Don’t forget to check out  the Arrival Online Paris City Guide