Travel to Marrakech, Morocco

Located in North Africa and bordering the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, Morocco sits between Algeria and Western Sahara.

As one of the most important former imperial cities in Morocco, and the 2nd largest city in the country, Marrakech is truly beautiful and certainly a city you must visit when traveling to Morocco. Busy souks, vibrant colours and beautiful scenery are just some of the amazing things the city has to offer and travelers from all over world find themselves in awe of the scenery when they arrive.

The people of Marrakech are very hospitable and welcoming of travelers.  Enjoy a mint tea with a local, a sit down tea session is a trademark of Moroccan hospitality and is traditionally not something you are able to decline if invited.  Enjoy and take the time to listen and discuss current events and obtain valuable travel information from your host!

While in Marrakesh, visit the El-Fna Food Stalls, it’s one of the best things to do in Morocco.  The food, like grilled meat and cooked salads, are very well priced and delicious.  Our traveler tip:  Go to the food stalls that seem to have a high turnover.

Here are some of the top things you must do while in Marrakech!

Dunes & Desert Exploration
Spend a ½ day, or full day, on a quad bike touring the Marrakech desert and country side.  Experience Morocco like you’ve never imagined, we guarantee it will be the highlight of your trip

L’atelier Faim d’Epices
This unique experience will teach you how to complete a Moroccan dish.  The atmosphere is very relaxing and everyone in the class eats what they prepared in the lovely terrace over looking the olive trees. Even if you don’t cook regularly, you’ll surely enjoy this experience!

Mythic Oriental Spa
No vacation is complete without some down time.  Spend a ½ day or full day at the Mythic Oriental Spa in Marrakech.  A complete contrast from the busy souks (markets), you must indulge as it’s one of the best spas around!


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