5 Tips to Booking Flight Rewards with Aeroplan

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Last week we told you about how member Terry Quinn used his miles to visit his first grandchild thousands of miles away in London, England. You also learned about our two flight reward options and how they are the key to enjoying great mileage rates and getting the best booking experience when you plan your next trip. Want to know how to get even more out of your miles? Well, you’ve come to the right place because here are our best tips and tricks for booking a flight reward.  Are you ready? Here we go!

Top 5 Tips to Booking Flight Rewards with Aeroplan

Check out our Market Fare Flight Rewards
Don’t just search for Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards (formerly called ClassicFlight Rewards). By expanding your search to our Market Fare Flight Rewards, you have access to any available seat on Air Canada flights, at any time. Plus, from time to time you could find Great Deals. They occur when Market Fare Flights are available for less than Fixed Mileage Flights so you can book for even fewer miles!

Fly in style
Why limit yourself to Economy Class, when you can fly Premium Economy,  
Business, or First Class? In fact, Aeroplan offers the best value in the market for Business Class compared to all other loyalty programs in Canada[1].  

Visiting Paris or London? See them both for no extra miles with a planned stopover. With Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards, you can fly through up to two cities for no additional miles. It’s like taking a trip within a trip.  Just select the multi-city option to include stopovers in your trip.

Think one-way ticket
If you can’t find a round-trip flight or don’t have enough miles, you can always book a one-way flight reward. With one-way Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards, you can fly to any city in North America at just 50% of the round-trip flight reward mileage. As for one-way Market Fare Flight Rewards, the number of miles needed is still based on the market fare at the time of booking.

Check nearby airports  
Can’t find a flight going to a specific airport? Try another one close by. For example if you want to go to NYC but can’t find a flight to LaGuardia airport, don’t forget to look for availability to JFK or Newark airports.  
Looking for even more tips? We’ve got more that we’re happy to share! Just visit aeroplan.com/anyseat.

[1] Based on a comparison of 2014 Aeroplan Flight Reward bookings against actual market base fares and other leading financial institutions’ proprietary travel rewards programs’ terms and conditions.



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