Miles Matching Days – October 18: Veterinarians without Borders

Help support the health of animals across the world!

Miles Matching Days – October 18: Veterinarians without Borders

 A new Aeroplan Miles Match Day to add in your agenda! Aeroplan will match each mile donated, up to 500,000 Aeroplan Miles, for each Beyond Miles Charitable Partner.

 On October 18th, we are matching miles donated to Veterinarians without Borders (VWB).   

 A Beyond Miles partner since 2006, Veterinarians without Borders is working to foster the health of animals, people and the environments that sustain us. Their work promotes long term sustainability and community independence and works toward a global solution to better health and livelihoods for the world’s poorest people.

 Veterinarians without Borders in Todos Santos:

Since 2007, VWB has been working with the community of Todos Santos in Guatemala to address the free-roaming dog population. Using Aeroplan Miles, VWB has been able to send teams of Canadian veterinarians and technicians to the community to run annual sterilization clinics and community health days. The clinics are well attended by local people with teams working on up to 200 dogs per day.   Volunteer Dr. Tracy Cornish from Victoria, BC acknowledges, sometimes just improving basic medicine and nutrition for companion dogs can make a big difference for the lives of an entire community. “In Todos Santos, I’ve seen a huge decrease in the number and size of dog packs in the area. Residents have suffered from fewer dog bites and attacks, and animals are healthier and better cared for.” In February 2014, Vets without Borders will return to work in the community with a team of 11 Canadian volunteers.

VWB Guatemala pic

 Veterinarians without Borders and the Uganda Goat Pass-On:

Since 2006, VWB has partnered with the Foundation for AIDS Orphaned Children in Mbarara, Uganda, to provide goats, animal health care training and resources to families affected by the AIDS epidemic. Thanks to donations of Aeroplan Miles, teams of Canadian volunteers, veterinarians and veterinary students have been able to work with this community twice a year to deliver training and clinical services to improve the health and future of this community.

 Why goats? Goats are hardy, fertile and easy to transport. They are also one of the few animals that Ugandan women can traditionally own, making them a great animal to facilitate the empowerment of women. In rural areas, however, veterinary care and nutrition for goats is hard to access, resulting in high rates of goat mortality and a degraded environment from overgrazing.

 The goat pass-on project provides goats and goat training to Mbarara’s most vulnerable families. As they reproduce, goats are paid forward throughout the community, in order to repay the cost of the goat and benefit a wider group. VWB also hosts workshops and training sessions for farmers, students and women in the community, to teach goat management, including nutrition, sanitation, disease prevention and low-impact grazing.

VWB goat pic

 Having a consistent and reliable presence with both communities is key to developing long term solutions for these areas and this is in large part due to Aeroplan’s Beyond Miles program.

 Support Veterinarians without Borders – DONATE YOUR AEROPLAN MILES!

 For more information about Veterinarians without Borders, please visit:

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