Employee Engagement Trip – Jimmy’s Entry of the War Child Canada Office in Gulu

Here is the latest entry from Jimmy in Uganda “To, to, to”, sang the first group.  The second followed closely with “to whom, to whom, to whom, finally the third group added “to whom does it belong? to whom does it belong? to whom does it belong?” Sam, War Child’s Outreach Program Manager and self proclaimed choir master brought myself, Nicole, Gabrielle, Jonathan and the local War Child volunteers together to sing a song that is very dear to WCC in Uganda. A song that asks, “who is responsible to ensure that he women and children of Uganda are safe?”

This morning, we headed off to the War Child Canada (WCC) office in Gulu. Where, we not only had the honor of meeting with key outreach staff – who are responsible for creating awareness and mobilizing the community and the legal staff – who are responsible for providing legal assistance, but we also had the privilege of spending a great deal of time with them. Discussing, not only details such as what WCC does in Uganda but also how they go about doing it. The second half of the day proved to be just as interesting as the first half. What better way to understand the process than by actually being part of it. WCC took us through the mock trial of the process where Nicole, Gabrielle and I took the role of a person whose human rights had been violated and was seeking help from WCC. The experience was eye opening. From the beginning of the process to the very end, WCC makes every effort to make one feel that they are in good hands.

Finally, in the last segment, we gathered together with a group of local volunteers who opened their hearts and told us their stories. Each of their stories had one common theme – love. They do it simply because they love the people in their community so much that they are willing to dedicating their lives to them. The song asks, “who is responsible to ensure that he women and children in Uganda are safe? The answer simple. We ALL are.

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