Latest Update from Jimmy on the War Child Canada Employee Engagement Trip

When I was a young boy, I would strip right down to my tighty whities and run through the jungle, jumping from one elephant’s back to the other, pausing only to beat on my chest and to call out wildly “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”. I did this with good reason; I was Tarzan, King of the Jungle. Of course, the jungle was simply my house and the elephants were just the top of furniture pieces all of which I had dressed up in my imagination. And although I beat my chest and called out wildly, to my mom I was just Jimmy, King of the Mischievous.

This morning, Benson, War Child’s Gulu office Logistics Officer and for today, our safari guide, took me, Gabrielle and Nicole to Murchison Falls National Park. More so, he gave us the experience that we won’t soon forget.

Upon arriving, we were quickly greeted by the sight of giraffes calmly enjoying their day in a very scenic and beautiful park. My initial reaction was to run up to them but alas, there are rules. It wasn’t long before we came to see antelopes, wort hogs, and baboons (oh my!). As we continued in, the cabin of our SUV echoed with ooohs and aaahs and several shoulder taps followed by instructions to “look over there”. Whenever we did “look over there” we would see baboons running about, always looking guilty of doing something that they shouldn’t be; buffalo bathing in mud, I guess Wednesday is their  designated ‘spa day’; waterbucks running about or fighting over females and finally, elephants that flapped their ears as if to gesture, “you are welcome!”.


The adventure didn’t end there.

Benson, also lead us to through a trail that brought us to the MurchisonFalls. The crashing of the water against the rocks and the water rushing from the falls right to theNileRiverwas like nothing I had experienced before. Simply magnificent.



On the ride back, there were silent periods that were used to reflect on what we had just seen and experienced. It was in one of those silent periods that I smiled at the boy who I once was and he smiled back. “Did you see that giraffe”, I asked. “Of course I did!” he answered. “What about those elephants?”, I asked. “Yes, they were soooo cool!”. “Aaaaaaaaaaa” I cried out. “Aaaaaaaaaaa” he replied as he beat his chest. After he rode off proudly on his elephant, I looked down to see that in my heart, I was in my tight whities once again.

Special thanks to Benson and Gabrielle, War Child and Aeroplan for letting this big kid live out one of his childhood dreams…

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